I love teeth.

We donít spend much time thinking about them, but teeth are important to almost everything we do. We use them to eat when dining out with friends, to smile when we greet the world, and even to grit together when we're stressed out.  Strong, beautiful teeth make us feel confident, and oral health plays a vital role in our overall wellness.

Unfortunately, teeth aren't like hair or fingernails.  We basically get one real set that has to last a lifetime. 

Innovations in dentistry have transformed our field and pulled it out of the dark ages. Technology is integrated into our daily procedures-digital x-rays, ultrasonic cleanings, lasers, graphic simulations.  Dentistry today can be painless, effective, and efficient.

With these improvements in technology, I help my patients understand their options to make decisions about their care.  What always comes first in our office is our patients. My ultimate goal is to help you live a healthy and happy life so you'll continue to enjoy those delicious dinners and memorable moments smiling with your loved ones.

What you'll find here is a high-tech facility with small-town friendliness where you'll feel at home.

Best wishes,
Jennifer Shin, DDS